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When supported, people naturally orient toward wellness, and no one is more of an expert on you than you! You take the reins and we support you in developing your best life-solutions.

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Your values and lineage are core to who you are. Our goal is to be responsive to and supportive of your values so that you can be your beautiful authentic self. 

Speech Therapist


Relationships are the grounds of healing. We partner in a therapeutic relationship so that you can have meaningful conversations that feel supportive.

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LGBTQIA+ Identified

We seek to validate and advocate for the minority LGBTQIA+ experience, while celebrating the beauty and goodness that these varied identities bring to the world.

Therapy session


Traumas have a significant impact affecting the body. Safety and regulation are key, followed by education, gradual processing that resists re-traumatization, and empowerment.

Meditating at Home

Integrative & Transpersonal

We draw from a host of evidenced-based therapeutic techniques based on your needs, including welcoming your spiritual principles or intuitive wisdom into the process.

Our Values

No matter your goals, you deserve to feel well. We listen for depth, but are also solution-focused for your needs in the now. Learn skills to ground, manage anxiety, nurture yourself, and through small changes, start feeling better now. 
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Man Using a Tablet
You are more than the sum of your parts, yet each part of you – mind, body, spirit, and lineage – plays an invaluable role in forming your unique identity. We help you give voice to all of the parts of you – to love, heal, strengthen and unite them to build the glowing mosaic that is your fullest feel-good potential.  
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All of you is welcome; we trust your beautiful SELF is always unfolding 

Therapy should feel helpful right away, as FEELING GOOD is natural

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