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Session Rates

The rates for individual therapy range depending on the therapist, but can be as low as  $125 per session- up to $175, payable at time of service.  It depends who has openings and what they charge.  The therapist you connect with or who contacts you will let you know their fee.  

Julie, for example, charges $175 per session.  Morgan, for example, charges $125.    

We accept all major credit cards. A montly Superbill can be requested for possible partial reimbursement for out-of-pocket pay clients who have PPO insurance. It is important to check with your insurance company first to clarify options for partial reimbursement claims for out-of-network services. 

Help your family get back on track!  If there is too much arguing, not listening, too much negativity, and maybe you want more fun in your family life.  It gives us time to begin to help you address if there too much yelling, flopping on the floor, withdrawal, slamming doors, you name it- we have seen it. 



Insurance for CenCal Medi-Cal Members

We are contracted providers with, and do accept clients of Cen-Cal Health, through Medi-Cal. Cen-Cal for Medi-Cal members typically have $0 out of pocket pay.

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