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Session Rates

The standard rate for individual therapy is $125 per session, payable at time of service. 

The standard rate for couples or family therapy is $150 per session, payable at time of service. 


We accept all major credit cards. A montly Superbill can be provided for possible partial reimbursement for out-of-pocket pay clients who have PPO insurance. It is important to check with your insurance company first to clarify options for partial reimbusement claims for out-of-network services. 

On-Line Family Reboot package.  Help your family get back on track!  If there is too much arguing, not listening, too much negativity, and maybe you want more fun in your family life- we offer a package.  It gives us time to begin to help you address if there too much yelling, flopping on the floor, withdrawal, slamming doors, you name it- we have seen it.  The Reboot includes:


 -One hour session with the parent(s) with both therapist Julie and therapist Eric. 

-One hour session with the whole family with both therapist Julie and therapist Eric. 

-And one individual session for each child with Eric (2 kid sessions included, $125 per additional session). 

-A final family session with therapist Julie and therapist Eric


This will make a big difference in your family life!  Children 4 and under won't have an individual session (of course :) ). 5 and up usually do OK for a shorter session on their own.  It is very important for the kids to have an individual session in family therapy (and the parents too).  Part of healing a family negative dynamic is detangling each person's "piece" and discovering the good news, that they have some control over the situation and FULL control over their own self.  This is critical for development into a functional adult and detangling every one's problems is vitally important to your child's development.  And, more good news, it is more fun to all get along well too!

$600, Ask for the Family Reboot

Insurance for CenCal Medi-Cal Members

We are contracted providers with, and do accept clients of Cen-Cal Health, through Medi-Cal. Cen-Cal for Medi-Cal members typically have $0 out of pocket pay.

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