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Morgan Stong AMFT

Hello! I am Morgan Stong, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#137372) providing telehealth psychotherapy to residents throughout California. I am supervised by Julie Seden-Hansen, LMFT (#45607).  

I am a somatic therapist that holds value in the mind-body connection and embodying our fullest selves. I work relationally with individuals and couples experiencing a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, anger and LGBT+ specific concerns to name a few.

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About Me

My therapeutic style and approach involves giving a lot of space to my client’s experience, as well as bringing compassionate attunement, holding non-judgmental space, and showing up as my authentic self to sessions. I am trauma-informed and client-centered.

 I trust in the process of unfolding inherent to all humans, and in session I will help my clients to slow down and follow their natural drive toward healing and wholeness. It can be transformational to sit in the depths of your experience and find that you are not alone.


If what you have read in my profile resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out, I look forward to connecting with you!


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